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    Bill Sims

    Saw the save the date for the monster stack. Obviously, unless I get very, very lucky in the last few tournaments, I have no personal stake in this, but I think it would be a good idea to re-discuss whether all of our members must play in the monster stack.

    Personally, I like deep stacks, but with one exception, our team didn’t do very well in this tournament last year, and many players didn’t report on their tournament. I’d like to hear more about what our players thought about this tournament.

    Different players have different tournament skills and some may feel that they could do better in a different tournament. Is there any good reason why everybody must play in the same tournament?

    Due to the large number of entries/starting days/tables/rooms in the monster stack, we rail birds had a very hard time following the exploits of our Piranha friends. Most people we ran into had very little news and very little idea of idea of who was still alive. Kinda killed the whole team spirit thing we had going. I hope we can develop some kind of system for reporting results/bad beats/ lucky suckouts/which table you’re at/etc and communicating them to everybody. Could results be posted to the website?


    Jan Klimala


    I agree with you and am going to start a discussion with the committee. Hopefully we can come up with an equitable solution.



    Brad Jensen

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your comments. We have it as a discussion point as the whether or not we need to continue to have all players enter the same event. Historically it’s been about administrative reasons.

    We typically have 1-2 cashes each year and had 1 last year so last year was in line with our history. Based on surveying and word of mouth the Monster Stack is what the membership thinks is the best event for us. This year it really was the only choice because of EDC and the July 4th holiday.

    Railing in any of these large field events is a crapshoot. If the player isn’t near a walkway you really can’t see them. We’ve had a few years where we got really lucky with several players near the rail. When Pepito was really deep we couldn’t see him and there were only four tables left.

    Each year we ask players to tweet, post if FB, etc. during the event but it’s entirely up to the player to do it. We also always ask them to do a trip report but again we can’t force players to participate in providing everyone information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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