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    Tony Gaglione

    A place to cry about your worst beats ever. Bad Beats...


    Tony Gaglione

    In 2008 I was in the middle of a fantastic year playing online at Pokerstars. I was well into my 3rd year headed for Supernova and to be honest holdem for cash was becoming a grind. To combat that I started to take to serious learning of mixed games. This lead me to the 2008 WCOOP (World Championship Of Online Poker) $215 Horse event. This event drew 2091 players! Can you believe that? for a 215 buy in first place was a whopping 67k. With 242 players left I was in the top 30 in chips when this hand occured during the Omaha H/L portion…..

    UTG I was dealt AspAh2sp3h…..This is basically the nuts preflop in this form of Omaha….. I raised and got 4 callers and the flop came AdQc5h. I had flopped the top set and the nut low draw. I bet out and was reraised and everyone folded back to me. I reraised and was reraised again! I reraised back and they finally capped it (on stars tourny there was a 4 or 5 bet cap) the turn brought the Qd and I quickly led out and got raised! I reraised and we kept going back and forth till it was capped. At this point all of my stack was in the pot vs the other chip leader at the table except for one bet. The river brought the dreaded Qh and I bet out my last bet knoing I was dead. The guy called and showed aq29 For quads and I was out of the tournament. The winner of that pot vaulted to top 3 in chips. I had to settle for 242nd place and the min cash. To flop the top set and nut low draw and only way to lose was for guy to go perfect perfect was something I will never forget……..

    omaha badbeat

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    Phuoc Khong

    I think it was in 2012 Summer Battle of the Bay over at Lucky Chances, with a guaranteed $100K to 1st. I had bought into the $1000 Main with a package from the Hercules Deepstacks that Jaime runs. I had made it deep into day 2 and everyone was getting ridiculously short stack due to some terrible bubble tanking that stretched through 3 levels. I was still middle of the pack with about 12BB, but was playing some of the best poker I had ever played in a live tourney and was confident I’d make the FT, since there were several people with less than 5BB. We were down to two shorthanded tables when I was dealt AQs on the button. UTG (one of the poorer players left) open shoves what looked to be almost 12BB, and it folds around to me. Though I thought about folding, if I figured that if won, I would likely be a top 3 or top 5 stack, so I made the call. Everyone else folds. Cards turn up and he’s holding QJo. Flop comes AKQ, and internally I start celebrating too early. Turn is a blank, and I’m so relieved I don’t even realize I lost when the damn 10 gets dealt on the river. I go out 13th out of almost 400 runners. And there went my chance for a 6 figure score.


    Ryan Drake

    Not huge stakes or anything, but it was bad enough to remember. Sat down at a little $100 tournament in some local yokel casino in PA about 4 years ago (I think it was Mount Airy when they had poker). It was around a 5000 chip starting stack. First hand of the tournament (25/50) I got dealt QQ under the gun. I made a standard raise to 150. Folded around, BB re-raised me to around 500 and I called. Flop was dry with no high cards. Villain led for 500 (around 1/2 pot), I raised to 1000 and he called. Ace came on the turn and we both checked. I figured we both had a high (but not Ace) pair and I didn’t want to go nuts and risk him having KK or something, so when the river came (blank), we both checked again, and of course he had KK. No biggie. Donked about 30% of my stack first hand. I’ve had worse tournament starts.

    Second hand I got dealt KK in the big blind. UTG+1 raised to 150, and got a few callers. The same villain from the first hand (now small blind) re-raises to something like 800. At this point there’s enough chips in the pot to at least get me back to my starting stack so I shove hoping to just take it down right there. Of course villain calls with AA, and they hold up.

    This was a bad beat but also it was absolutely horrible, horrible poker playing on my part. Lots of lessons to be learned about patience and tilt, how to handle early (bad) surprises, and most importantly about playing conservatively early on in new venues where you don’t know how people play. I stuck around to chat up the locals for a while and learned that the dude I was playing against plays there all the time and is known to be one of the tightest players sitting at that table. Live and learn.


    Alan Sien

    Mine was last year in Vegas for a tag team tournament. My partner got knocked out, so he didn’t to let me run with it instead of tag back in. Well, in an hour stretch I went from 40k to 170k in chips with 3 great laid down. There was an old man sitting in my table in which I doubled off his A 10 with my 9s at the break. He got back because his son was still in the tournament and the old man just tripled up with As. So the blind was 8k/16k, he limped in UTG and everyone folded to SB who was short stack. She called and comes back to me as BB looking down to a pair of Jacks. So I shoved all in with over 170Ks in chips. The old man slapped called me and so did the SB girl. SB has A8 off and the old man called me with A 10 off. I figured, if I double down and take out one team, I should be in money. The flopped was K K 4, the turn was a Q and the river well you probably guess it. The river was a Q and I got counterfeited since he has an Ace kicker and I only had a Jack and I got knocked out. I said something to him and he didn’t look at me. In the end him and his son cashed along with the SB gal because she donked out my friend’s team later on. I was pissed because I worked so hard to build my stack and lost to a donkey.

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