Piranha Online Rules

Account Creation

  1. Download the Pokerstars software at pokerstars.net
  2. Go to the home games section in the lobby
  3. Enter Club ID 2019829
  4. Enter code Piranha Bucks

Account Funding Options

  1. At the next Piranha Tournament, open your Piranha Online account with the TD for however much you want to start with. Each weekly tournament will have a $10 (+1) dollar buy in.  $50 would get you 5 buy ins to Piranha Bucks Tournaments.  You may reload this at anytime
  2. Chase quick pay or Paypal Tony on any given date you wish before the start of a tournament.  This must be approved by Tony through an email or text first. Tony’s email is [email protected]  Phone # 209-395-8889

How Do you earn Piranha Bucks?

  1. Win a Piranha Bucks Tournament
  2. Have them gifted to you
  3. Buy them from another player

Examples of, but not limited to, ways that Piranha Bucks can be used

  1. Entry to any live Piranha Tournament
  2. Travel Chips
  3. Full or Partial entry into The mid season mixer event
  4. Partial or full payment for Season 11 membership
  5. Snacks and Water
  6. Buy in a friend to a tournament
  7. Buy into End Of Year cash tourny (see rules below),/li>
Piranha Bucks at this time will not be available to pay for the food option


  1. Only one Account per person.
  2. Piranha bucks are fully transferable to another person pending authorization from a committee member
  3. Piranha Bucks can be bought or sold, but must be authorized by a committee member before transaction is complete.
  4. Anyone caught cheating or colluding online will forfeit their Piranha Bucks