Piranha Poker Team Rules

In addition, all players must agree to and sign the player agreement before participating in any Piranha tournament.

As indicated in the Piranha rulebook, we observe all TDA and WSOP rules unless otherwise specified:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the team raise its money? Players pay an entry fee of $20 every time they play in a Piranha tournament. Players may play in a maximum of twelve tournaments in our twenty tournament schedule, for a season-long contribution of $400. Players may prepay and receive a reduced season rate of $300.
  • What does the team do with that money? All of the money we raise is given out as prize packages to each season’s top scorers. The team does not take in money in the form of a rake or any other manner. No money is carried over from the end of one season to the next.
  • What prize package is available? The price package for our top players includes payment of up to $1,500 as a buy-in to an event at the upcoming World Series of Poker plus up to $500 in travel expenses. The number and sizes of packages we offer each season depends on how many players join the team and participate.
  • Can I come just once or play just once to check it out? Yes, of course. You may come play with us just once to check us out, or just stop by one of our tournaments to see if you like the setup. There is no obligation to play in additional tournaments. If you don’t like our program, then you don’t have to play or come back.
  • What is this “point system” you use? The top finishers in each of our tournaments are awarded points on a sliding scale, based on the number of players in each tournament. The point allocation is modeled off of online and live poker tournament prize schedules. Details are available in the team’s rulebook, which can be downloaded at the top of this page.
  • Where will the tournaments be played? Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Season 16’s tournaments will be played onlineThe locations will rotate around the Bay Area so that a few players don’t have to drive a long distance for every tournament. We have players from all over – San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.  We even have a player who drives up from Carmel to play with us!
  • When does your season (tournament schedule) start and end? The Piranha season runs from August (sometimes September) to the following May. With the online format, we schedule 30 events during the season but the maximum that you are allowed to play is 20. We schedule 18 tournaments during the season but the maximum that you are allowed to play is 12 games.  Every June, we will send our top finishers to the WSOP in Las Vegas.
  • Which WSOP event will players attend this season? Starting in season 14, staked Piranha representatives may choose which WSOP event they want to participate in.
  • What days and times are the tournaments held? Most tournaments will be held on Saturday, and a few will be held on Sundays. The normal start time is 12 noon though we may hold some tournaments earlier or later.
  • How do I find out when and where the tournaments are played? Contact us so that we can put you on the invite and email list, or simply visit this website which will be updated as soon as a tournament date, time, and location is scheduled.
  • How long do the tournaments take? We try to simulate the WSOP playing experience but realize that most of us can’t commit to playing for 14 hours every two weeks.  As a result, we’ve designed our tournaments to last about 6 hours maximum.
  • What if I can’t make the maximum number of tournaments on the schedule? If you wish to be eligible for a share of our players’ potential winnings at the WSOP circuit event, then you need to pitch in the same amount of money that you would have if you had played in the maximum number of tournaments. You don’t have to play in all tournaments to be eligible for a prize package, because the prizes are awarded by points.
  • If I quit the team, do I get my money back? No, sorry. If you leave the team for any reason, then you forfeit all the money you pitched in to the team pool.
  • Do I have to sign anything to be eligible to play? Yes. All players must sign a contract that indicates their agreement to abide by our rules, and that names all team members as co-redeemers of any cash won in a WSOP tournament (50% to the winner and 50% to the team members).
  • Is this a professional organization? No. We are a casual, yet well-organized group of amateur players who are passionate about poker.
  • How old do you have to be to participate? Even though we are not playing for money, you must be at least 21 years of age.