Ferdy510 Is Good To Go


8 folks came out to battle in PB #11.  First to go was <3Poker77.  Next was Vinciqtpati taking a tough beat at the hands of Ferdy510 when the flush came with one card to come vs his flopped 2 pair. Newcomer the_lala67 was next, followed by the legend that is Fats512 when UPSPWNAGE AJ beat … Read more

Reece Takes A Piece in #7 A.K.A “The Marsh Cup”


After a lively autograph session from Tony Gags, the 28 players were ready to battle for the 49 first place points and a shot at taking defending champion Magda down. Getting to the final table was no easy task as most of the field managed to hang in there over the 6 or so hours. … Read more

UPSPWNAGE Delivers on time


8 is enough for a Tues night on Pokerstars. First to go was Poppycakes. Vinciqtpati was next as he ran KK into AA. Legend Fats512 and SoMoney415 were next and we were at the bubble. In the end it was Svcio ending up in 4th. Unfortunatly <3poker77 had to go and blinded out in 3rd … Read more

Magda mauls her way in #6

Piranha’s busiest stretch of the year ended with its 4th tournament in 5 weeks, and it showed as 29 brave souls fought through the poker hangover as they battled for a first place prize of 50 points in tournament #6. 1/3 of the field was gone by lunch time and it didn’t take long to … Read more

DukkhaTonight tells everyone Goodnight!


9 people came out tonight despite the fact the WSOP main was on ESPN.  Former winner KahunaCal was first to go.  With 3 spots paying it was SFdinosaur the unfortunate bubble.  Legend FATS512 came back from about 5bb with 6 or so left and managed to get in the money again with 15 PB’s. Svio … Read more

The Force Awakens for Luke4141


8 grinders came out tonight for PB #8 and it was a battle from start to finish. The first KO didn’t come until an hour in when Eff5.6 hit the rail. NeraWidow was the unfortunate bubble when her AA could not hold vs Newcomer Stilleto_FTL QQ flopped a Q. Next to go was UPSPWNAGE in … Read more

Surfs up for KahunaCal


Piranha Bucks #7 saw its entrants hit the ol’ Lucky number 13. Unfortunatly for Vincitqpati the black cat arrived in time for Halloween and he was first to go after losing a huge pot when his flopped flush got outran by UPSPWNAGE and his flopped middle set when the board paired on the turn. The … Read more

10th Anniversary Event is a great success!


Congratulations to Troy Soult who took down the 10th Anniversary event.  Troy wins the special 10th Anniversary bracelet and a Lake Tahoe Time Share. There were a total of 50 attendees to our lunch celebration.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  Your generosity raised over $3000 that will help go towards much needed upgrades in equipment. … Read more

Radicaldude is One Rad Dude!


14 online gladiators came out for Piranha Bucks #6.  Poppycakes was first to exit the arena.  It was a rather quick exodus by many and the final table was set.  Radicaldude dominated most of the final table as he accumulated chips  at will.  The bubble burst when newcomer SFdinosaur took out Luke4141 when top pair … Read more

The Chef Cooks the Competition in PB #5


Ten of Piranha Online’s finest battled it out on Pokerstars, in Piranha Bucks #5 for the 50 place first prize. Amazingly Fats512 who won the last 2 weeks went out in 6th. Poppycakes was the unfortunate bubble. T Aardvark who has been running well quickly dispatched of Ferdy510 with a set of 8’s vs AA … Read more