Ray Chius Up the Competition


With the season past the halfway mark, 35 showed up to continue the long grind towards trying to earn that coveted Piranha seat. With a projected 10-11 seats to be given out this year it is still anyones game. This final table consisted of 1 player in the top 10 (Vicky Dea) and a slew … Read more

PWNAGE Denies Nera Of the 3 Peat


8 seems to be the magic number lately and once again we were off to battle. Radicaldude was first to go at the hands of Albee100. Next to go was Albee when the Legend Fats512 took him out. We were down to 5 after Vinciqtpati a3 could not outrun T Aardvark’s ak pre. Fewrdy510’s draw … Read more

NeraWidow Dips then Flips for the Victory!


8 kept it straight on a Tuesday and we were off and running in the 19th installment of Piranha Bucks. Vinciqtpati was first to go when his 77 was no good pre vs Ferdy510 kk. Next to go was <3poker77.  Her AA went down after she got it in on the turn vs UPSPWNAGE on … Read more

Nowhere NeraWidow


10 online grinders showed up on Tuesday night to battle for the 50 pb first prize.  First to go was Radicaldude. Next to go was Ferdy510 as Nerawidow’s flopped trips was way ahead of his ak high. Upspwnage was sent packing next after a flush vs flush crippled him and newcomer rflora finished him off … Read more

A Battle Of The A’s

Final table tourney 11

Lots of logistical issues jeopardized whether we would be able to even hold this tournament, but thanks to the help of lots of team members, particularly Ryan Drake and Nora Massuda for making sure we got the equipment, we were able to host tourney 11 for 31 players. Lost a couple of players very early, … Read more



8 people showed up to watch LUke4141, now Luke_d1971 go out first and start his new name off with a opening bustout. The Legend Fats512 went out 7th in brutal fashion when her ak vs NeraWidow’s ak lost as Nera hit her flush. <3poker77 was siting out when she was eliminated 6th. 5th and 4th … Read more

The Return Of “The Romantic”


Happy New Year One and All. Event #10, Piranha’s first tournament for the New Year was filled with just a little extra enthusiasm and anticipation as 37 happy shiny pokers players returned from the holidays to hone their ample poker skills and test their luck. All of our flesh eating fish wanted to take down … Read more

New Year, Same Luke!


10 PB Players showed up to start off the new year. SoMoney415 was first to go after being crippled when his set of sixes could not fade Leezyrd’s flush draw with only the river to come. Next was the legend Fats512 as Radicaldude’s 77 was better than her 55. Leezyrd was next when his top … Read more



Only 5 of Santas helpers had the day off to battle for some Pb’s. First to go was newcomer IamShortStak, when on a flop of k73 he found himself up againt UPSPwnage k7 vs his K6.  The 4 on the turn made it interesting, but the river bricked out and he was done in 5th. In … Read more

Vinciqtpati is Latin For KO


9 showed up as The Legend Fats512 decided to give everyone a chance and take the night off.  First to go was The_Lala67 on the very first hand when Ferdy510 AA held vs her top pair with kq. Next to go was Radicaldude when his ak could not outflip NeraWidow’s 10’s. Next out was Nera … Read more