Do the best you can, and don’t take life too serious. – Will Rogers


Nine poker players joined us for the first event in Piranha’s double-header weekend. The tournament began at 12:00 and after a few late arrivals, we had our final table! With the final Vegas lineup still yet to be determined, point standings and math featured prominently in today’s table conversation. Play continued uneventfully for about two and a half … Read more

Vin Neat!


20 people showed up for event 18, as this years top heavy points created a dynamic of mostly people within the top 20 feeling the need to play. Adrian was our points bubble and remained in a comfortable 6th overall. The Top 5 was set and Ray along with Rob Reece were looking to move into the … Read more

“The Romantic” in Dramatic Fashion


Another rainy day Piranha tournament turned out 36 players, despite a critical prior-day website malfunction. Piranha Poker Team welcomes new player Rod Flora who joined us for the first time this Saturday. We started with five tables, with the very first elimination breaking the tables down to four. There were only a few down by … Read more