Online Season

Online tournaments run Saturdays at 12PM unless otherwise specified. Tournaments will start promptly at the scheduled time, and we encourage early registration in order to handle any technical issues that arise. There will be a 90 minute late registration period. 24 tournaments are scheduled, you can play in a maximum of 15 tournaments. We will be holding two tournaments per day, with the second tournament starting one hour after the first.  This will give players the option of playing one tournament, buying into the second tournament if they bust out, or simply multi-tabling and playing both tournaments at the same time. Tournaments will be held on the 1st and sometimes 3rd Saturday of each month, except for our start date of August 27. The first tournament starts at 12 noon, and the second tournament starts at 1:05 pm. Breaks for the two tournaments will be synced to take place at the same time. We need a minimum of 6 players for a tournament to take place. Please make sure you pay your buy-in well prior to the event, as you will need to have paid in order to register online. 

Live Season

Live tournaments run Saturdays at 12PM, on the 2nd and sometimes 4th Saturday of each month. Tournaments will start promptly at the scheduled time. Late registration extends until the end of round [?]. 10 tournaments are scheduled and you can play in all 10 of them. Tournaments will be played at the Pleasanton Sunshine Saloon, located at 1807 Santa Rita Rd, Pleasanton, CA. We need a minimum of 8 players to sign up by midnight the Friday night before the tournament takes place. While we are hoping that we have enough interest in live-tournament play for this to be sustainable, should it become apparent that we do not have enough interest for a full 10-tournament season, we may end up cashing out the season to tournament winners.

Full Schedule

Season 17 Schedule

#DateTimeLocationTournament Director
Online Satellite 1(register online)8/20/2022NoonOnline(none)
Online 1(register online)8/27/2022NoonOnline(none)
Online 2(register online)8/27/20221:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 1RSVP9/10/2022NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 3(register online)9/17/2022NoonOnline(none)
Online 4(register online)9/17/20221:05 PMOnline(none)
Online 5(register online)10/1/2022NoonOnline(none)
Online 6(register online)10/1/20221:05 PMOnline(none)
Online 7(register online)10/15/2022NoonOnline(none)
Online 8(register online)10/15/20221:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 2RSVP10/22/2022NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 9(register online)11/5/2022NoonOnline(none)
Online 10(register online)11/5/20221:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 3RSVP11/12/2022NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 11(register online)12/3/2022NoonOnline(none)
Online 12(register online)12/3/20221:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 4RSVP12/10/2022NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 13(register online)1/7/2023NoonOnline(none)
Online 14(register online)1/7/20231:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 5RSVP1/14/2023NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 15(register online)1/21/2023NoonOnline(none)
Online 16(register online)1/21/20231:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 6RSVP1/28/2023NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 17(register online)2/4/2023NoonOnline(none)
Online 18(register online)2/4/20231:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 7RSVP2/11/2023NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 19(register online)3/4/2023NoonOnline(none)
Online 20(register online)3/4/20231:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 8RSVP3/11/2023NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Live 9RSVP3/25/2023NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 21(register online)4/8/2023NoonOnline(none)
Online 22(register online)4/8/20231:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 10RSVP4/15/2023NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon
Online 23(register online)5/6/2023NoonOnline(none)
Online 24(register online)5/6/20231:05 PMOnline(none)
Live 5 Make UpRSVP5/13/2023NoonPleasanton Sunshine Saloon