Season 1

Season 1– From Founder Ed Sandoval

We sent three players Lisa Maiffret, Taimoor H and Mike ?   We had a three way tie Lisa, Taimoor and John Thomas (who lives in Tennessee now ) play a three way tournament with first one out leaves the other two to join Mike as our Barricuda representative back then.

I don’t have any of the standings as they were all on paper but the set up was different back then as you would receive points from playing and winning at your table only. We didn’t have the final table multi table tourney etc. it was geared more like a school setting back then (the whole idea was to prep our players and send the most consistent player (evidence of the point structure) If you remember the points for 1st = 25pts… 2nd= 20pts…3rd=15pts and 4th=10pts… 5th=8pts… 6th=6pts two points would separate til the 9th place which was 1pt… and we had 30 tournaments each tourney was $12.50 but you paid $25 each time you came and in this way people had to come back because most people had paid in advance for the next tournament.
The very First night we played we had six players only… next tournament night we played we had a full 9 players and every night from that point we had more and more… til we had all four tables with 8 to 10 players on each table. We even had Games on Thursday Nights which it was only 1 tournament game…. so Sat or Sun we had two 3hr tourneys and the starting chip stack was $3000 back then.
So back then things starting from me “not knowing what the hell I was doing” but taking a leap of faith that others would see the grand scheme of things and joining us in growing and changing each season until it became what it is today…. and every year we had a very small few amount of passionate people helping to input, mold, tweak and change our forum (You all were able to see what I saw and that was the “Piranha” I knew people would want to be apart of this because it wasn’t a trend… it was a competition, a social outlet, and a dream maker… it is the rarest and ONLY attainable feat left out there for ALL AGES.