The Force Awakens for Luke4141

8 grinders came out tonight for PB #8 and it was a battle from start to finish. The first KO didn’t come until an hour in when Eff5.6 hit the rail. NeraWidow was the unfortunate bubble when her AA could not hold vs Newcomer Stilleto_FTL QQ flopped a Q. Next to go was UPSPWNAGE in 3rd and 15 PB when his AJ shove ran into the AK of LUKE4141. LUke4141 finished off Stiletto_FTL for the 40 PB first place and FTL got 25 for his first effort. See ya all next week!



2 thoughts on “The Force Awakens for Luke4141”

  1. Still sort of questioning folding my A-high flush to (I think it was) Fats512. The river both made my flush but gave the board a two pair (JJ KK?), and I was pretty sure I was beat. Whether you had it or not, Fats you played that hand really well. I probably would have called in a live game and lost.

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