Only 5 spots left for Piranha Heads Up #2!

As some of you know we are winding down our first Heads Up tourny ever and it was a great success!

We have decided to start another Heads up tourny and registrations have been coming in fast and furious from The Bay Area, to LA, Dallas and even all the way in Brooklyn.

This time we are aiming for 32 and it looks like we can make that happen.  If you did not know about this or would like to know here is how it goes.

It is double elimnination bracket style.  It is all done on Pokerstars.

The best part about running it like this is YOU and your opponent get to chose when to play!  That flexability is awesome and makes a HU tourny like this possible.

To register just paypal or venmo me $55  ($5 will be donated to Piranha, so you win already!)  at [email protected]

That will confirm your registration.  Anyone after the 16th person will be registered but if we don’t get 32 within a week or so I will refund you the money however you like.

Any questions feel free to ask.  Get registered and practice your Heads Up!

ONLY 5 Spots Open!

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