Season 10 Catered Meal Promotion

In addition to earning your place in a WSOP event through your play during Season 10, you will have another opportunity to win a seat to a big buy in tournament, simply by buying lunches.

As we did at select events in Season 9, during Season 10 we will have catered meal offerings. The meal offering will be pizza, BBQ, Sushi, or Mexican. The specific offering will be listed on each online invitation throughout the season. The plan is to have catering available at all Season 10 events where allowed.

We will be offering a prepay feature for the meals via PayPal through the Piranha website. The cost for meals that are prepaid (by Thursday midnight the week of the event) is $15 and will include a beverage, snacks (chips and dips, nachos, candies, and popcorn), and coffee. Additionally, you can prepay all 12 meals for the season for $165 (12 meals for the price of 11).

You may also purchase meals at the event for the price of $17 (cash only) if enough food is left after serving those that prepaid for food. The number of prepaid meals will be used to determine supply at the events so there are no guarantees of availability for those buying day of.

For all players that purchase at least five (5) meals during Season 10, you will be eligible to play in a winner‐take‐all event for a seat into the $1,675 World Series of Poker South Lake Tahoe Circuit Main Event plus resort stay.

You will receive $5,000 in tournament chips for the first five (5) meals purchased. You will receive an additional $100 in tournament chips for each meal thereafter for meals 6‐12, capping at $5,700 in total tournament chips. If you buy the meal at the promotional winner‐take‐all event you will receive an additional $300 in tournament chips for a grand total of $6,000.

All qualifying players will be eligible for their share of 50% of the promotional winners WSOP earning for the chosen event just like our regular Piranha season series.

Season 10 Catering Schedule

This is the catering promotion schedule for Season 10. You can pay for your meal by clicking the Paypal button for each row of that tournament.
Tournament #DateLocationTypePaypal
195/14/2016DublinMexican[nicepaypallite name="Single meal, tournament 19 - S10" amount="15.00"]
205/21/2016FremontBBQ[nicepaypallite name="Single meal, tournament 20 - S10" amount="15.00"]


Q: How do I qualify for this promotional opportunity?

A: Purchase at least five (5) catered meals offering during the Piranha Poker Season 10 Series.

Q: Can I still play if I win my seat through Piranha in Season 10?

A: Yes. This is an additional opportunity and any players that qualify through points in Season 10 can play in the promotional event, provided they qualify.

Q: Can I still play if I am not a full time league member in Season 10?

A: Yes, so long as you qualify for the promotional event.

Q: What if I don’t prepay for my meal?

A: You can still buy a meal the day of the event. However, the price for the meal will be $17 instead of $15 and you will not be guaranteed a meal. If there is any food left after all prepaid meals are delivered then meals can be purchased on a first‐come, first‐serve basis.

Q: When and where will the promotional event occur?

A: The promotional event is scheduled for August 6, 2016.  It will be held in Fremont (Brad Jensen’s home).  If the number of players gets sufficiently large it will be moved to Dublin.

Q: If I win, what event do I play in?

A: The winner of the promotional event will win a buy in to the $1,675 World Series of Poker South Lake Tahoe Circuit Main Event in November 2016 (date TBD).

Q: I qualified for the promotional event but am unable to play. What now?

A: If you qualify for the promotional event but are unable to play, you will still be able to share in any winnings from the promotional winner.

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions?

A: Let us know in advance of your restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate you. We will let you know in advance so that you do not purchase a meal that you won’t be able to eat.

Q: Who determines what the meal options will be for any given event?

A: Toan Phan, who handled all the catering last season, will be in charge of all catering related activity, including handling pre‐payment, payments day of, and menus. We will send out a survey to pass along to Toan so that he knows the most preferred options and can make his decisions accordingly.

Q: I prepaid for all my meals. What else do I need to do?

A: If you prepaid for all 12 meals you will need to let us know when you want to use them. Please contact us on the Thursday before the event so that Toan has an accurate count and can plan his food purchase accordingly.

Q: I prepaid my meal and ate it on the first break. It looks like there is food left over at the second break and I’d like to buy another. Can I do that?

A: Yes. If you purchase a prepaid meal and want to purchase a second one that is allowed, subject to availability. Since you prepaid your meal you will be allowed to purchase at the $15 premium.

Q: What is the structure of the promotional event?

A: The promotional event will use the standard Piranha Poker League structure.

Q: Can any deals be made at the final table?

A: No. This is a winner take all event with a single prize package. Certain aspects of the prize, such as resort stay, cannot be issued out to multiple players.

Q: I won but I can’t find it in my schedule to play. What can I do?

A: You will have to work with Toan to see if you can gift or sell your package to another person. Keep in mind that items such as resort stay will be specifically placed in your name. Additionally, you will need to gift it to someone that qualified for the event themselves and has acknowledged they have to share any winnings with the other promotional contestants 50%/50%.

Q: Can I also pay for my event buy in through Paypal?

A: No. First, Toan is handling the payments of everything related to the catering outside of the money that Piranha gathers. Second, because our event buy ins are a gambling activity, they violate the Terms of Service of Paypal and are also a violation of the Federal Wire Act.

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