MASSuda Effect!

Congratulations to Nora Massuda for taking down the 3rd tournament of Season 13.  Nora’s excellent play and a little bit of luck which included a ROYAL FLUSH sent the other 22 players packing.

Early in the Tournament-

On a board of , Steve Stockmal in the BB checks and Ryan Drake Cbets from the button for 800, Steve jams and has Ryan covered and tanks before folding for top 2 and Steve rubs it in by showing for an inferior two pair.

An interesting hand in the middle of the tournament involves a 3 way all in preflop with short stack Ash holding , also short stack Ken with and Gordon having both covered with .
Flop is giving both short stacks hope with an open ender for Ash and a gut shot for Ken. Turn is a blank but the river cracks Gordo’s Aces and sends Ash home.

Blinds 150/300 Nora raises to 900 and Rod jams for his last 2k or so. Nora says “Lets Flip” and calls but it’s not a coin flip at all as Rod shows . and Nora shows pocket . But this is Norah’s day as she flops a set and Rod is done.

Ken all in with and called by David Lam’s . Ken flops a but David rivers a to bust Ken out.
Andy Park under the gun jams for his last 3k and called by Nora with   No improvement and Andy is out.
Nora continues her lucky run against Ryan. On a flop of and a rag. Ryan jams for his last 3k and shows and Nora calls with . The comes on the turn giving Nora the Royal Flush and sends Ryan home.

The final table is set with Tony, Nora, Rich,, Bharad, Brad, Rob, Gordo, Ricky and David.

In a  key hand, Bharad limps, Brad calls to Ricky in the small blind who jams for his last 2200. Both Bharad and Brad call on a flop of . Bharad bets 1500 and Brad jams and Bharad calls showing to Brad’s . Brad turns two pair when the comes but the river counterfeits Brad’s two pair when  comes.  Brad is crippled and Ricky is eliminated in 9th place.
Next out is Tony who calls for his last 5 bbs after jammed on by Rich who holds . A queen comes on the flop and Tony is done.
And we are now on the 7 handed bubble. Brad jams with his short stack of and called by Bharad with . A bit of a sweat when the board comes all spades with Brad holding the only spade. But the turn and river don’t help and Brad is the bubble boy

David opens for 2600. Nora jams for 4600. Rob jams for 11600 David folds. Nora shows and Rob has Nora hits  on the river to survive

Nora raises to 2600 in the Button. Rich jams for his last 4600 in the small blind. Bharad folds and Norah calls for 2k more and shows to Rich’s . on the flop and Rich doesn’t improve and he is out in 6th place
4 way limp pot. David short stack with 3600 jams on a board of . Rob calls with and David has a flush draw that doesn’t improve and he is out in 5th place.Blinds 1000/2000- Bharad limps on the button and both Gordo and Rob complete. Checked to Bharad on a flop of who shoves all in. Fold by Rob and a snap call by Gordo who shows ducks . Bharad doesn’t improve and finishes in 4th.

During three handed play, Rob and Nora get into a hand where Rob folds on the river after a big bet by Nora who then shows a bluff holding pocket 3s.  Rob’s stack is dwindled by that point and shortly after is eliminated.

Nora and Gordo heads up with a Brad photo bomb

Gordo is short stacked and heads up play does not last very long as he shoves with and Nora calls with . Gordo doesn’t improve and Nora takes down Tourney 3.



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