Inaugural Piranha Bucks is in the books!

11 People came out to Battle for Piranha Bucks in our inaugural tourny. In the end it was Pepito Pea dominating heads up vs John Gary Marsh and winning 55 PB’s in just under 2 hours. John got 30 and Bradford Jensen finished 3rd for 15. Dean Fredrickson came in 4th to earn 10. Congrats to all … Read more

10th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser Tournament

To celebrate our 10th Season, we will be having a fundraiser tournament. All funds will go towards purchase of equipment (new chips, computer, monitor) $50 entry (includes food and drinks) Rebuys and add-ons are $20 each. 1st place winner will receive a 10th Anniversary Piranha Bracelet and a 4 day/3 night stay in South Lake Tahoe Other prizes will be awarded Saturday October 24, … Read more

Display Cards In Your Posts

Many people will describe poker hands by writing something like “AsKh”. Using the wrp-cards plug-in, you can easily display the playing cards in a graphical way by prefixing the cards by a ‘:’. Ex. . Now when you post, reply, comment, etc. Card pictures also work in the forums now. Ace of Spades King of … Read more

Welcome to the new Piranha Poker website

Hello and welcome to the new Piranha Poker website. We’ve been working hard on getting a new website done for the group. The new site has tons of new features to help you stay informed about Season 10 plus all the latest and greatest that’s going on. Here are just some of the new features: Blog … Read more