Welcome #SeganPro

Welcome #SeganPro to Piranha Online! Our sister online league #SeganPro and us have made an agreement that will allow Piranha Online to expand its player pool and offer another option when it comes to spending your hard earned Piranha Bucks!  PB’s can now be spent on #SeganPro season buy ins as well as all your Piranha options. If you are not already a member of #SeganPro there is still time to get in this year using earned PB’s. (There are 34 tournaments left and the max members can play in is 26) If you are a member, you will be able to apply any PB’s won towards next years buy in.  Who will win the most PB’s? Piranhas or Seganpros? Let the battles begin! For more info on #SeganPro visit www.Seganpro.com

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