Astar is Born

Event 6 attracted 38 players- the biggest field to date this season. Most players at the top of the leader board coming into Event 6 did little to improve their standing. The door was open for new players to vault to the top. Points were available for the top 9 finishers.  The points bubble AND … Read more

Not Another Repeat

Event 6 brought Piranha Poker Team back to Dublin, where 27 contenders showed up to fight for some more early-season points. Some notable hands of the day: Early in the tournament, at level 4, Brad shoved all-in with  and then Bill shoved all-in over the top with . Brad rivered the club flush, hanging on and … Read more

Run Good Holds for Rod Flora

Event 5 went smooth and well. Only 2 TD decisions that were already taken care of prior before I got to the table but was summoned to confirm and formally continue. I appreciate players being responsible of controlling the table when it’s their turn to play dealer and as asked at the beginning of the … Read more

Is It a Repeat?

Piranha Season 11 Tournament 4 brought out a field of 24 players, including several new players to this season and a few returning veterans who we didn’t see much last year.  One of the early notable hands is between Anne Stewart with KJ spades and Rod Flora with KQ off.  Flop comes J 8 9, … Read more

No One Wants To Bubble

Piranha’s 3rd Tournament of Season 11 was one of the longest I have witnessed, even though we only had a field of 27 players.  After starting a little late due to some confusion on which venue we were using, we only lost three players before the first break.   One notable hand that brought us … Read more

Do the best you can, and don’t take life too serious. – Will Rogers

Nine poker players joined us for the first event in Piranha’s double-header weekend. The tournament began at 12:00 and after a few late arrivals, we had our final table! With the final Vegas lineup still yet to be determined, point standings and math featured prominently in today’s table conversation. Play continued uneventfully for about two and a half … Read more