Mike El-Rafai Beats 42 Players at Event 14

The season apex kicks into high gear as 42 players show up in Foster City for event 14. The window to make points and win a seat this season is closing fast and everyone knows it. We had a high turn out of 42 people show up with 10 places getting paid in points and there was a whopping 64 points for first place.


It was a slow trickle of players busting out starting at the first level. A notable hand was John Marsh hitting a straight flush against the nut flush. How no one busted out on this hand is quite the feat of discipline. Later the heat was on and tensions were high, folks were ready to fight and tilt was a major factor. Just a friendly reminder to contact your always helpful, professional and trusty TD if you have any issues with the pace of the game 🙂

Bubble and Final Table

After almost an hour of hand per hand bubble we got to our 10. Vineet was the first of the 10 to go and form the final table. Vineet, don’t forget to sign for your points. 🙂


Heads up between Reem and Mike


Congrats to Mike winning with Pocket Kings


Mike El-Rifai164
Reem Assil249
Jefferson Dong331
John Marsh422
Bill Sims514
Jeannette Sims611
Troy Soult77
Debra Pope85
Christine LaMonaca94
Vineet Kumar103
Brad Jensen110
Robert Reece120
Elaine On130
Sheng Xie140
Nora Massuda150
Dennis Koeller160
Michael Gordon170
Pepito Pea180
Chris Nunes190
Tony Kinter200
Adrian Aguilar210
Geoffrey Batuyong220
Amo Tarnoff230
Greg King240
Jeanne Massuda250
Andy Park260
Peter Stoffers270
Ray Chiu280
Santana Thienviwat290
Tek Kong300
Esmarelda Alderete310
Eric Grady320
Ferdy Jimenez330
Vlad Troyanker340
Ryan Drake350
Tony Robinson360
Magda Wybult370
Ed Tsai380
Gerry Shebar390
Derrick Hansen400
Joey Kong410
Jan Klimala420

Congrats to all the points winners! This tourney was a ton of work, I was walking all over the place. At the end of the day my fit bit said I had walked 8 miles that day. Whew, glad I can start playing again as I need to!

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