Piranha Season 14 continuing online

It’s becoming more clear that live in person poker will not be possible in the near future.  So the committee has decided to try holding Piranha tournaments online.  If you are not already aware, Piranha has maintained a Home Games club at Pokerstars for many years where games are played for Piranha Bucks that can be used for entry into our tournament or travel chip bonuses.  

We will hold a Piranha tournament that will count for points on April 4th starting at noon.  This tournament will use the same points structure as our regular live tournaments. But the tournament structure will be different as online tournaments are always.  The tournament structure will be 10k starting stack with blinds starting at 15/30 and 10 min blind levels.  We estimate that this tournament will last about 4 hours but we want to try testing it tomorrow at noon. This practice tournament is already set up and you are welcome to join it if you can.  If the tournament plays too fast or too slow, we can adjust it for the April 4 tournament.

If you are not signed up for Piranha Online, here are the instructions:

  • You must have a Pokerstars account. If you do not have one, you can download and register for one at pokerstars.net
  • Once you have logged into Pokerstars, go to the Home Games section in the lobby (usually the bottom right section of the screen)
  • Click on “Join a Poker Club”
  • Club ID is 2019829
  • Invitation Code is Piranha Bucks
  • Enter your Full Name so we know whe you are (no aliases allowed)

If you are not a pre-paid member we will have to arrange payment through Venmo, PayPal or snail mail.  As this is an online tournament, we can’t add any extra chips so no travel or early bird chips.

If you can join us Saturday, 28-Mar at noon to play a practice tournament, please do so. We need enough players to see how it works.

3 thoughts on “Piranha Season 14 continuing online”

  1. Hey Ryan you mentioned a couple
    past post about the amount of games participants have played to be able to participate in the last tournament of the season. For instance I have played in 10 tournaments so far but I want to play on the last tourny of the season(double points). Meaning I can’t play any tournaments until then. Has that changed? Are we still going to have the double point tourny? Thanks!

  2. Ken, good question. Yes, the last tournament will still be double points and count as two tournaments, so if you want to play it, you need to have played 10 or fewer tournaments. So save up two for the last one!

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