Season 16 Info

Update from Joe on Season 16:

While we had hoped to hold this season with a combination of in-person and online events, due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the Delta variant, the 2021-2022 Piranha Poker Season16 will be held ONLINE.  While we anticipate remaining online for the entirety of the season, should things improve drastically we are hoping to perhaps hold a live, in-person cash event at some point this season. Time will tell.

Again, because we are online, this is a great time for any former Piranha members to rejoin us for Season 16.  Also, new members are always welcome, so spread the word to your friends and family.

Some important changes to this year’s format:

  • 30 tournaments are scheduled, you can play in 20 of them.

  • We will be holding two tournaments per day, with the second tournament starting one hour after the first.  This will give players the option of playing one tournament, buying into the second tournament if they bust out, or simply multi-tabling and playing both tournaments at the same time.

  • A full 20-game season will be $300 if paid in advance.  Other options include a 10-pack for $180, or $20 per tournament if paying as you go.

  • Tournaments will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, except for November and December due to the holidays.  Full schedule listed below.

  • The first tournament will start at 12pm noon, and the second tournament will start an hour later at 1pm.

  • Breaks for the two tournaments will be synced to take place at the same time.

  • We will be holding a $30 satellite tournament on August 28th, giving players the chance to win a full season buy-in (or partial, based on number of participants).  Details will follow in a separate email.

SCHEDULE (subject to change): Schedule


  • Play in 20 of 30 Scheduled Tournaments – You are able to score points in your best 20 tournaments.

  • Online Tournaments – All tournaments will be held online.  If the COVID-19 pandemic situation vastly improves, we may hold a live, in-person cash tournament.

  • Vested Members – To become a fully vested member and qualify for postseason play and profit sharing, you must pay for a total of 20 tournaments.

  • Buy-Ins – While we encourage everybody to become a fully vested member by purchasing a full season for $300, we understand that is not an option for everybody, so we offer three buy-in options:  full season, half season, and single game buy-ins:

    • $300 for 20 games – full season

    • $180 for 10 games – half season

    • $20 per game, pay as you go

Players have until Tournament #7/8 or October 23, 2021 to exercise the $300 full season buy-in.  If players have been buying in for $20 per game, they have until this date to upgrade to a full season, with credit given for single game entries.

  • Cash Tournaments – We may schedule a cash tournament at some point during the season.  These will not count towards your allowed tournaments, and no points will be earned for postseason play.  Cash prizes will be awarded based on the number of players.  Depending on conditions, this tournament may be in-person, or it may be online.  Details to follow.

  • Payments – Payments can be made via Paypal or Venmo.  Our trusted treasurer will be accepting all payments. Reach out to our contact address for payment info.

  • Poker Software – We will be using Poker Mavens, same as last year.

  • Refunds – For those who buy in for either a full or half season, refunds can be requested by November 1, 2021, less $20 for any games played.

  • Piranha Bucks – We will be phasing out Piranha Bucks, but anyone with an existing balance can keep using them.

  • Two Different Prize Levels –  As we did last year, we will have two different prize levels for postseason play.

    • $1500 buy-in, plus $500 travel ($2000 total);

    • $1000 buy-in, plus $300 travel ($1300 total);

    • The exact breakdown of prizes will be dependent upon our total prize pool.  For example, if our total prize pool is $9000, we may expect to award three $2000 packages, two $1300 packages, and one partial prize.

  • Player’s Choice WSOP – for players who earn the right to go to Vegas and play in the WSOP, they will be allowed to choose the $1500 or $1000 WSOP Hold‘Em bracelet event they want to play in.  It must be a bracelet event, and it must be Hold’Em.

  • Recruiting – We want Piranha to thrive.  If you know other poker players who want to improve their game, who are looking for a regular game, who want to hang (online, initially) with a great group of people, who would want to play in the WSOP, please spread the word.

  • Rules / Players Agreement – by signing up for a tournament, players agree to the Rules and the Players Agreement posted on the Piranha Poker website.


New players will still need an account to RSVP for tournaments.  Please use the contact link on the website to request one:  Contact – Piranha Poker

Congrats and Good Luck to our 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Winners

We wanted to congratulate all the winners from the last two seasons, and explain how postseason play has been handled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the non-traditional WSOP schedule.  First off, congrats to the following individuals:

2019-2020 Season

  • Madhav Goay, $2000
  • Dominic Chan, $2000
  • Amo Tarnoff, $2000
  • Joe Wiebelhaus, $1300
  • Bharad Parthasarathy, $1000
  • Ilya Matyukin, $1000

2020-2021 Season

  • Jim Mercurio – $2000
  • Laura Marshall – $2000
  • Steve Stockmal – $2000
  • Susan Abraham – $2000
  • Andy Press  – $1900
  • Ashar Khaliq (AK)  – $1400
  • Joe Wiebelhaus – $1300
  • Bharad Parthasarathy- partial $750
  • Diego Valenzuela  – partial $750
  • Jan Klimala – partial $750

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Delta variant, winners from the last two seasons were given three options to exercise their WSOP tournament:

  1. Play in Online WSOP events held in the summer of 2021;
  2. Play in a live WSOP event in Las Vegas this fall 2021;
  3. Delay their WSOP prize, and wait until the 2022 WSOP to play.

While a few players chose to play in an Online WSOP event, most will be playing live events in Las Vegas.  Results will be forthcoming.

That is all for now.  Looking forward to seeing everybody this season, good luck, and stay safe out there!

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