Hot Rod Strikes Again

17 brave souls braved the worst air quality on the planet to do battle in Fremont for Event 7, 4 of whom would be awarded points for their efforts. Rich Modjeski was the bubble boy when his pocket kings were outdrawn by ace five. FINAL FOUR With the blinds sitting at 800/1,600/200, the final four … Read more

2 in a Row For Joe

Due to John Marsh’s heavy recruiting effort, 14 players came out to Fremont for the final event of the year.  Both John and Christine LaMonaca were still in contention for a seat. John’s day started out well.  In the first orbit at 25/50 John and Elaine On got into a raising war, eventually leading to … Read more

Bringing Down the Wiebelhaus

The penultimate event of season 12 brought a baker’s dozen to San Pablo to do battle.  5 of those players were still mathematically alive for one of the treasured WSOP seats.  Others who were already in the clubhouse after having played their full 12 events would have to wait to see if their fates changed … Read more

Email Issues

All, There seems to be some issue with the Piranha Poker email account.  I am currently unable to send out emails.  Everything comes back undeliverable and saying it was blocked by all recipients. Several have asked about the EOY Cash Event.  That will be taking place on June 9/10 at the Tera Hills complex. It … Read more

Sheng the Destroyer

26 players came to battle on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with 10 making their final stand in Season 12. The final table was reached fairly quickly with the blinds at 200/400/50.  Troy Soult entered the final table as the chip leader.  Sheng Xie, Michael “Gordo” Gordon, and Eric Grady were bunched together with middle sized … Read more

Astar is Born

Event 6 attracted 38 players- the biggest field to date this season. Most players at the top of the leader board coming into Event 6 did little to improve their standing. The door was open for new players to vault to the top. Points were available for the top 9 finishers.  The points bubble AND … Read more

Steve Takes Stock of A WSOP Seat

38 players showed up for the penultimate event of season 11, with 30 league players still mathematically alive to earn on of the 10 WSOP seats that will be awarded this season. By the time we reached hand-for-hand play, 5 of the 10 remaining players still had a chance to push themselves into the top … Read more