Ricky and the Rematch

It was Tony vs Ricky, once again, heads up for Piranha first place points. The last time they were heads up was on September 8, 2018 when Mr. Robinson won the day and 43 points to Ricky Flora’s second place 31 points. Would this battle end with the same results? It was tournament 10 on … Read more

Cracking Aces in Foster City

It was a dark and stormy day when 21 hearty poker degenerates braved the elements to battle it out in Foster City this past weekend.  Cards were shuffled and dealt, chips were wagered. Big hands held up, unless the were blown up by suited connectors. Bad bluffs and good calls came and went.  Aces were … Read more

Old Guys Rule

A small, but spirited twelve players showed up to do battle on a chilly Saturday in San Pablo. First out was our gracious host, Jan K, who pushed with a set of Jacks and ran into Dominic’s flush. The final table had Dominic and Gerry clearly in the lead, with big stack dominance. Less than two … Read more

Rod Rebounds

[Points standings are not up yet. Working on it! – Ryan] Twenty people showed up last Saturday to do battle in what turned out to be a roller coaster ride of a tournament. I’ll post some of the more interesting hands below: First bust-out, in round 1, preflop Christine raised out of position, and Lisa … Read more

Adrian Starts It Up

Welcome to Piranha Poker Team season 13! Our first event of the season kicked off on Saturday 25-Aug, with a crowd of 27 players, including two players new to Piranha. With new players, new table felts, and a fresh, empty points leaderboard, our new season was off to a start. First bust out was Dominic … Read more

Piranha Satellite Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our pre-season satellites, and our first full-season members! At the end of our Piranha live satellite on Saturday, Patrick Galamay, Ken Tramiel, and Judy Lepire decided to chop for three partial full-season packages. Then, on Thursday night, Dominic Chan won his full-season seat by taking down the Piranha Online satellite, … Read more

Mamacita! Astarita!

Another sunny, but cool, day at Tara Hills in San Pablo brought 21 players to contend for Vegas seats as our 12th season is nearing its end. There are several players who are consistently making the final table. In fact, this final table had 5 players who have final tabled in at least 2 of … Read more

Seek and DesTROY

27 lively players showed up in Foster City for Event 15 on Saturday, searching for a WSOP seat, with six spots earning points. The following players made it to the final table: Jeanne Massuda- 7th place Gilbert Amparo-8th place Dennis Koeller-9th place Sandi Sarmiento- 6th place Cathi Seferi-5th place Christine LaMonaca- 4th place Sheng Xiu- … Read more

Brad Stacks a Few More

Here’s a quick re-cap of event 10. We’re half way through the season and although there is still plenty of time to rack up points and win a seat in Vegas, we are now starting to see some of the top contenders making moves to solidify their seats. We had a turn-out of 24 players … Read more