Bharad is Back

Piranha Event 4 took place in our new Mountain View venue, Game Kastle. This turned out to be a pretty nice place to play, with plenty of space and food nearby. We got a couple of brand new and new-this-season players and seated 19.

Here’s what the new Mountain View venue looks like.

The final table consisted of (left to right): Ryan, Joe, Ilya, Sandi, Lian, Anshul, Ken, and Bharad.

Joe and Sandi busted out in 8th and 7th place, and we were down to the bubble. Lian opened all-in betting 9.5K while holding JT. Ryan called with QQ. The queens were not cracked. Lian bowed out on the bubble.

Then it was Ryan’s turn. Bharad called pre-flop and Ryan checked the Big Blind. The flop: 6d 3d Ts. Ryan bet 4.5K Bharad called. On the turn Bharad opened for 8.5K. Ryan pushed all in on a flush draw. He missed and ended up finishing fifth for 3 points.

Several hands later, Ilya opened for 10k. Ken pushed all-in for many more. Ilya held K9 hearts. Ken held K8 offset. The board ran out 754Q9 giving Ilya a pair of nines and sending Ken to the rail in 4th place.

After some 3-handed action, Ilya woke up with AA and got action from Anshul who was playing J8 hearts. By the turn they were both all in. AA had not improved but it was more than enough after Anshuls pair failed to improve.

Thus, Ilya and Bharad went into a heads up battle that lasted 35 minutes. Finally, we in the last hand, Ilya called in the small blind. Bharad makes it 7K and Ilya calls. By the turn they are all-in and we see that Bharad called with J9 spades. Ilya called with 82. Bharad flopped a straight and by the turn they were all in because Ilya held a decent pair.

Bharad took down 1st and 40 points!

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