Online play reminders

Just to help clear up some confusion about how the Piranha Poker Team online tournaments work: This year, like last year, we are using Poker Mavens software for our tournaments.  This is accessed through the main website.  To access this, you need to log in to Piranha Poker  and click on “Play” under Play online in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Once you have done that, click on tournaments and choose the tournament you want to play.  Then “register” for that tournament.  Once you are seated you need to press the “Ready” button on the bottom of the table screen.  If you have questions about how to set-up a Poker Mavens account or register, please contact me @ [email protected]

Jan is the Treasurer and only collects money.  We send payment details over E-mail, and to get onto the E-mail list, please also contact through the above address.

When you pay, please indicate if you are paying for someone other than yourself, or whether you want to split your payment among others. After you pay, you will be issued the appropriate number of tickets. This can take up to 24-48 hours but we will issue them before the next tournament starts. You can use these tickets at any time to register for a tournament. Please keep track of your own usage. For example, if you pay $40, but only play one tournament, you will still have one ticket available. If you pay for the entire season ($300) you will be issued 20 tickets which can be used at any time. For now, if you want to know how many tickets you have, just E-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll let you know. Working on a way to get this info through the web site.

Hope this helps, see you at the tables!

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