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Wow, there is a lot of change and activities going on here at Piranha, the committee has really been working hard and coming up with some great ideas for the community. The latest one that has come to fruition is Piranha Online. You can play poker with the same Piranha folks you win and lose to at the live tables. Now suck outs on Ray and Dominic can happen from the comfort of your own home!

Equally exciting are Piranha Bucks which can be earned and used for most things Piranha. They can be used to pay for drinks, snacks, swag, entry for end of year tournament and much much more. Check out the rules for Piranha Online for all the details.

Big props to Tony Gaglione for putting this program together. I’ve know Tony for a long time and he’s one of my best buddies and I can tell you he runs a tight and clean ship when it comes to book keeping and ledger work for poker. His spreadsheets are artworks in themselves! Let’s all give it a try and make it a success.

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