Mid-season update

We had a couple of smaller events in January, taking place in Mountain View. We had a little computer trouble during event 10, and don’t yet have the full bust-out order, but the points scorers were counted and the standings are now up-to-date as of the end of event 10.

The 10th tournament was held at the Game Kastle in Mountain View. There were a total of 12 players. There was some excitement when Gerry Shebar had in the hole and went all in against the pocket of Ken Tramiel. Gerry flopped trips with , improved on the turn to a full house with , only to be overturned on the river when Ken made his two-outer (), knocking Gerry out.

The game progressed with Syd Shaber finishing 3rd and the remaining two players having an equal amount of chips. The heads up game lasted a little over an hour and it ended up with with Joe Wievelhaus coming in 2nd and  Madhav Goyal taking the honors for the day.
Congratulations to Maddie for a good game.

In other news, a partial 2020 WSOP schedule was published last month. Looks like we already have a number of decent $1,500 and $1,000 events for staked Piranha members to choose from!

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