Event 1 wrapped up

Thanks to everyone for bearing with our new technology as we start off Season 15 with an online tournament. We had 31 players, with 7 places awarding points. Good mix of regs, new players, and past players welcomed back! Looking forward to a great season. Results and standings are posted. Bharad is putting the pressure … Read more

Prepare for the new online tournaments

Hello, Piranha team! The Piranha Poker committee recently sent out an E-mail announcing the new season’s changes. In light of coronavirus, we are moving to an online format until things get back to normal. As part of this, we’d like to move from PokerStars to a different tournament software that is more integrated with the … Read more

Piranha Final Stretch

With event 16 and event 17 behind us, we are down to our final tournament, and it’s looking like it could be a game changer. We have enough funds to send at least the top four players to the WSOP this fall, and with double points at stake and a large number of players in … Read more

Amo Amazes

Event 15 went down on 11-Apr with 16 players, including two new players for the season! After a grueling heads up that lasted over an hour between Amo and Andy, Amo ended up victorious, and launched into second place in the overall rankings. Results are posted here. We’ve got another tournament in just one week, … Read more

Dominic Back in the Driver Seat

Now that we are all sheltering in place, we had our first regular-season online tournament on the afternoon of 4-Apr. Unfortunately, there were a few hiccups with approving people new to Piranha Online, and we were not able to seat a few players. These will be corrected for next time, which, by the way, is … Read more

Piranha Season 14 continuing online

It’s becoming more clear that live in person poker will not be possible in the near future.  So the committee has decided to try holding Piranha tournaments online.  If you are not already aware, Piranha has maintained a Home Games club at Pokerstars for many years where games are played for Piranha Bucks that can … Read more

Bharad does it again

Having previously won tournaments 4 and 9, Bharad can now add tournament12 to his list. Season 14 is being very kind to Bharad. 10 players showed up in Foster City to do battle. By late afternoon wewere down to 4 players. Bharad, Ilya, Andy, and Gerry. AndyPress finished as the bubble boy. Gerry finished 3rd … Read more

Drake catches some flops

Event 11 went down in San Pablo on the first weekend of February, with 11 players. The results and standings have been updated. Just a reminder: Keep in mind that the last tournament of the year is another double-points tournament, which counts as two events. We can play a maximum of 12 events in the … Read more

Mid-season update

We had a couple of smaller events in January, taking place in Mountain View. We had a little computer trouble during event 10, and don’t yet have the full bust-out order, but the points scorers were counted and the standings are now up-to-date as of the end of event 10. The 10th tournament was held … Read more

Dominic Dominates the double points tournament

The double points tournament is over, and it had a huge effect on our points standing for the season. Dominic Chan took it down, and launched into first place overall with a whopping 103 points. Madhav Goyal placed second, starting him out in 5th place after his first ever Piranha event, and season newcomer Ilya … Read more