Syd runs the table

Andy Press, Dennis Kim, Ken Tramiel, Jan Klimala, Gordo, Rod Flora, Ilya Matyukhin, and Syd Shaber gathered around the final table.  Andy, Dennis, and Ken were gone first. Five players remained. Three would win coveted Piranha points. It was not yet the bubble, or so we thought…. Jan, Gordo, and Syd got all their chips … Read more

Back To Back for Amo

Not much of a write-up today. We had 19 players trying out our new Foster City venue. Really nice place to play! Final table was Sheng, Ryan, Jeannette, Patrick, Haisam, Bill, Jeanne, and Amo. Points scorers were Ryan in 5th, Patrick in 4th, and Bill in 3rd. Jeannette and Amo (who had a huge dominant … Read more

Amo Attains Victory

Tara Hills in San Pablo hosted 18 players in Piranha’s 5th tournament of Season 14.  Starting with 3 tables, we were down to 2 tables in Level 3 after Dom, Jan, and Bill got knocked out.  About halfway through Level 4 Tony Robinson’s AK lost to Sheng’s pocket 66 when Tony did not improve after … Read more

Bharad is Back

Piranha Event 4 took place in our new Mountain View venue, Game Kastle. This turned out to be a pretty nice place to play, with plenty of space and food nearby. We got a couple of brand new and new-this-season players and seated 19. The final table consisted of (left to right): Ryan, Joe, Ilya, … Read more

Dennis’s Day

We held event 3 in San Pablo on 21-Sep. We had 19 participants and a pretty early final table. Clockwise: Dennis (new player, second Piranha event), Dominic, Gerry, Amo, Tony, Sandi, Andy, and Syd. Sandi was first out from the final table, then Syd when JJ failed to hold up to AK when an A … Read more

Ricky wins Tournament 2

A beautiful Saturday afternoon found 23 players making the journey to San Pablo to prove they’ve got what it takes to represent the team in the 2020 World Series of Poker.  We want to give a big Piranha welcome to new players Dennis Kim and Arleen Recio, it’s always great to welcome new friends into … Read more

Karen takes down the first event of season 14

Event 1 took place in our new San Jose location on 24-Aug. An early 3-way all-in gave Karen Alberts a critical early-game chip lead, which she successfully used to get her and seven others to the final table. From left to right, Sandi, Lian, Ed, Steve, Bill, BJ, Karen, and Syd. Ed went all in … Read more

Piranha Season 14

Reminder to the team: Piranha Poker’s 14th season kicks off Saturday, 24-August. Please remember to register by midnight on Wednesday! The community that is hosting this game will be checking names at the gate, and we don’t want anyone to be turned away. We need a complete list of participants by Wednesday night. We allow … Read more

Welcome Back Andy

Twenty three unsuperstitious players showed up for the 13th tournament of Piranha’s 13th season, including Andy Press, a veteran Piranha alumnus who has returned to the Bay Area from exile in Southern California. Notable hands from the early going included Joe’s AA all in against Dennis’ KK and Gordo’s QQ, with Mark wisely folding his … Read more